Our Process

How We Work?

Our process of software application development start from idea sketch to UI/UX design, development with the right stack, servers management by DevOps engineers, quality assurance & support, standard up to the mark deliverables.


Project Initiation
Project Initiation Project idea discussion, preparation of requirements backlog.
Project Initiation Choosing the development stack according to the project scope, selecting developers for the team.
Project Initiation Interviews with designers & developers and discussion on development plan.


Design Developing the initial design UI, Codebase architecture and developing project management processes.
Design Working on enabling environment, tools & infrastructure setup.
Design Defining the initial work scope for the first design and development sprint.


Development Team meetings, daily standups, planning & task management.
Development Daily PR reviews, milestone complitions and weekly sprint updates.
Development Evaluate progress, review performance and standards to meet the target deliverables.

We’ve picked developers who have worked for global brands

These are some of the renowned companies our developers have worked for


Zahid Karim
Zahid Karim

Co-Founder & CEO JSdevs

Ease of communication and collaborative environment is the hallmark of JSdevs.

Ejaz Karim
Ejaz Karim

Co-founder JSdevs

With our quality software development processes, we ensure seamless delivery.

Ehsan Ullah Baig
Ehsan Ullah Baig

Marketing Executive

We recommend the best solutions to our clients with free consultations.

Why Choose Us?

JSdevs delivers quality software fast and cost-effectively


We collaborate with our clients at every stage of the development process. Making sure we deliver the right product.


Our collaboration process and the highly experienced team of developers make every project efficient.


We strictly follow the Agile Software Development approach that results in productivity.