What is DevOps?

DevOps is short for Development Operations

Development and Operations

DevOps is essentially a set of practices to build, test and release software applications.


Modern DevOps is aimed at automation to ensure maximum software development & deployment efficiency.

Development and Operations, Automation

Rapid Releases

CI & CD in DevOps enables software engineers to test & release software very fast.

Development Cycle

A complete set of DevOps practices make sure an efficient software development & deployment cycle is in place.

Rapid Releases and Development Cycle

Why DevOps?

DevOps is essential for software delivery & deployement

CI and CD

One of the important functions of DevOps is to configure systems for Continuos Integration and Continuous Deployment.

With CI and CD enabled, software development and deployment gets streamlined in an automated way.

CI and CD

Fast Delivery & Deployment

DevOps that integrate CI & CD enables fast software delivery and timely application deployments.

DevOps includes some of the most essential practices in software development & deployment cycles.

Fast Delivery & Deployment

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